Digital Lifestyle Day 06 – the preconf podcast


As I have no clue why the original website of the DLD does not show up on the technorati tag, let me link the new podcasts from here as well. :))

Hubert Burda Media is one of the big German media companies and with the upcoming Digital Lifestyle Day next week I am very curious to see what will happen there or not. The conference will be absolutly full (it is an invite only event), I was told today that they expect nearly 500 people.

The success of such conferences in the last months in Europe really gets me excited, because it does mean it happens here – in Europe. And if you look at the speakers – I am seeing so many people I really, really want to meet, it is just amazing.

But DLD does also mean: The worst conference in the sense of what is happening before it – I think the only interview which I could do without any hazzle has been the one with Dan Gillmor! On each other there was something different happening – from empty bluetooth headsets, over just no good skype connection up to a house complex without net at all – just as we want to start the call.

So I am very cautions about me getting to Munich without any more trouble. ;)))) If you would like some interviews about Digital Lifestyle Day, here they are.

Together with Thomas Wanhoff and Frank Tentler we interview once again interesting guests. :)

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