dld06: Europe’s Catchup?


Interesting to see that the only “older” person in this conference – like in very classical manager – who is getting it is Dr. Hurbert Burda. I am quite unimpressed with the rest of the panels but then again, I did not really expect this to be very challenging in this regard. Still it is very _old_ style *sigh* we have a long way to go.

But if a person like Hubert Burda (and most of the people near to him) has understood what is happening now and here in this new world, I have hope. Hope that he has the power in his company to change something. To challenge other media companies in Germany and Europe to follow.

Even is this voice is a strong one, there are still too few. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal just tried to shake them up a little bit … but this has completely passed most of the guest as “what language is he speaking”. Hm. That did not work. So how else to shake up the old dinosaurs – or should we just leave them alone and die in peace?

Like “please continue what you do, we in the meantime make a new world?” In a way this even here makes me feel like I am a dreamer. But looking around in my net of friends I realize – no I am not dreaming. There is a change.

And I am a consumer too. I do spend money. I should continue to select my buying for companies with ‘understand me’. Just one example: I will not stay at a hotel which forces me into a flash site instead offering me the information I want.

hmhm. I did meet people today who are fun to work with, who are great in expanding my horizon. But also a lot of people who try to ignore what is important to me or just don’t understand it. (Big company: “That is funny, we are not number one for our video content but some *irritatedlook* user generated content – why is that??.” well, perhaps because I can’t link to you or your websites suck?)

I think, we should work on better presentations, better speaking engagements, better information lobbying to get our point to other people. Why convince them and spend / waste time on them? Because I am tired of explaining basic things to ignorant people. Time to move on to more like minded people? *sighsighsigh*

Answer on Loic’s question “everything is going to the US … this is an emergency, what shall we do??” from the European commissioner “go lobbying, help make the wake up call” Well, we should try to show them that we already are connected. Let’s see what we can come up with.

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2 Responses to “dld06: Europe’s Catchup?”

  1. Mark Wubben says:

    Whether you’ll convert the dinosaurs or let them die, either way they’ll disappear. Up to you to decide whether you want to “save their lifes” by transforming them (to crocodiles, perhaps?), or if you’d rather spend your energy at becoming a mammal.

  2. Nicole says:

    Mark, I can’t help it but try. :)) But it is good to see this again as reality check. If I ask myself why bother helping – perhaps not them but other normal people – to see the possibilities, it looks like as if this is not really necessary, they should encounter that soon. But these days show: It helps to help normal people ;)