DLD06 in Munich by Burda – this is going to fun!


Munich for the Digital Lifestyle Day – and this looks like this is going to be great and very crazy.

I arrived on Saturday with the usual (puking in plane and bus …) and slept through from the afternoon til sunday morning like 6:30, so I am very ready to start monday morning at 8:00 – well, kind of.

Speaker’s dinner was very interesting and it looks like the food is going to be great and tasty. BUT – this was supposed to be somewhat like 400 people – last estimate is (officially) 850 people. Plus 150 staff. Plus Press. Wuuaah! They have outside screens for the presentations, because I think the area was planed for the original 500.

This is not only going to be a big conference but also a very big day for social media in Germany, because a lot of the people who are coming are ‘innocent’ in regard of all this will be introduced to another big crowd who are all about this – like live blogging, streaming, podcasting what have you.

If I can find the according person, I will testdrive a N90 today and upload those pictures to my flickr account, and blogging if the Wlan is there. :))

And now I am off to the conference, because I will NOT try to arrive at the official 8:00 :o)))

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