DLD06 – Innovate! Without any women?


You know that I am usually not the bitching woman who asks “and where are the women on the panel” just to see some women there.

But have a look at the speakers of this new panel “Innovate!”:

  • Ernst Raue, Member of the Board, Deutsche Messe
  • Rudolf Groeger, CEO, O2 Germany
  • Hannes Schwaderer, CEO, Intel Germany
  • Gregor Bieler, Regional Director, Logitech
  • Christoph Wilfert, Business & Marketing Officer, Microsoft Germany
  • Timm Kehler, Vice President Marketing Predevelopment, Innovation Projects, BMW Group
  • Moderator: Axel Burkert, Editor-in-chief, CHIP Online

I know that many women are not that much into modern technology just for itself but hey – this is really offending for me that a panel about innovation is absolutely not in any way about something even _I_ the geek care about.

As I just turned to Lyssa, sitting next to me, she said too “just what I wanted to say! And again, it is nothing about society, culture or whatever”. Lyssa of course uses nicer sentences, mea culpa for not remembering the right words ;)

Sorry, but I think I am going to leave this panel now, because I can’t see anything coming out of that which will be interesting to me to spend my time now. Perhaps I read later about it. And as it seems, I am not the only one. Since typing this article, I have seen 6 women leave this session, and the whole conference does not have so many at all. Well, we are just about more than half of the population ….

(And am I really the only one who expects from a person who is representing his company on an international floor to speak at least not a very hard th??? Wake me up if you dear panelist, if you have anything worthy to contribute to anything I care about. )

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One Response to “DLD06 – Innovate! Without any women?”

  1. weldon says:

    Yes, you have a very good point. Diversity of gender and ethnic groups is a key aspect of globalization. After all, we are all consumers of technology.