Do you like Loudblog?


In case yes, here is a way to say thank you. Gerrit van Aaken has a new object of desire – and on the Podcastday pre party he said “I never desired something as much as I did this MacBook”.

actually he added “never desired a computer as much as, but this way it is much more funny ;)

He has started a “Spendengala” including photos of his old laptop. I already gave him 2 Euros at the party (it would be more if it would not be for a Mac ;) ) but as some of you are using and liking loudblog, I thought I blog about it in English. :)


2 Responses to “Do you like Loudblog?”

  1. Gerrit says:

    I’ll setup an english version of my donations page very soon and connect it more closely with the loudblog download procedure. I hope I’ll be successful.

  2. Nicole says:

    You could sell yourself and finally take jobs to adapt the design of the flash player of loudblog – i would give more money for that ;)