Documentary about Apple and the Ipod


Although I am not much of an Apple Lover (they are just not compatible with me) I do acknowledge which role they have played and what has happened throughout the last years because of this the company – and of course the Ipod.

On Google Video there is an over 40 min long Discovery channel documentary about it and although I am only half way through you should take a look too.

[And i have said this before: Where is my “pay 20-50 cents to the make of this documentary” button on those videosites (of which the person please also gets the money?

I would pay a small amount for a good documentary, recognizing how much effort has went into that for the benefit of being able to watch it. Yes, there is a channel over here which does run Discovery channel – satellite which I will not install or buy in hardware, nor watch on a TV screen and even if , it would be a dubbed version anyhow. I do have DSL and I have a computer, that is more than is needed. ]

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