You might think this subject is supposed to be Sinatra (I love Sinatra. Have to find my CD to rip it and play loud Sinatra the whole day).

If your first though is “sweet tier points!” then you know your BA tricks. Having read a posting of somebody today in the BA forum on flyertalk I was very happy to find out that my first thought indeed was Sinatra and not that of a good British Airways tier point run!

[Flights between Bahrein and Dohba are considered good tier point runs. Other than most airlines, BA has a so called tier point system versus a miles system. You need if you live in continental Europe 400 TP for Silver status (oneworld saphire, like AA platin) or then another 800 points for Gold (oneworld emerald, like AA EXP Platin). Bah-Doh is kind of inexpensive in first class, a very short flight and brings 180 TP each leg. You can fly there on cheap 80K American Airlines award miles from Europe, but that is a story for another time]

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