Don’t compare brrreeeport with SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat


Update: Now this is very weird, my blogsoftware suddenly has changed this posting all on it’s own??
Does somebody still have it in their offline feedreader perhaps?

Scoble would like us to test where he would like us to see if Technorati works. Well, actually, he asks for brrreeeport.


2 Responses to “Don’t compare brrreeeport with SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat”

  1. David Sifry says:


    Are you still seeing a significnat number of “Sorry…” results for queries? If so, can you please drop me a line with the URL for the query that is timing out? We’re working really hard to make sure that you always get the most comprehensive, timely results quickly with no errors, and are always looking for areas where we have bugs…


  2. Nicole says:

    David, it is always different Urls, not a consistant pattern. This morning for example the ones previously linked in this article.

    I can understand that when you are hit by a lot of requests that I might have to press F5, but more annoyingly it is when you try to cover events and it does not work because the update is not working on your feeds. :(