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As the reboot wiki has still some hickups, I wanted to make sure, everybody gets what he is waiting for :) If you have not seen the demo – do so. It is absolutly worth it. Special bonus was the videochat afterwards and the file is now available: From the reboot wiki:

video chat / audio only version

The video is h.264 mpeg4, which means it can be played back with quicktime 7 (recommended). An opensource player like Videolan works as well (you might need the latest version)

More info is available at Ross Mayfield’s Weblog and he has posted a transcript as well.

A few photos

The mother of all Demo was truly an amazing experience, and I was not the only one to ask “What the hell have they done in the last nearly 40 years?!”. He demonstrated a combination of sophisticated outliners and copy & paste, Wiki, Powerpoint, Visio and fast access keyboard, which I of course loved. Combine that with working Audio and Video conferencing and you get, why I was simply stunned.

Especially the part, where he painted text on the screen and did shared file edit. Yes, yes, given that this was a lab, higly powered etc, but common! Nearly 40 years!
Oh and may I add: I want those features in my software because most of those clever things we still don’t have!

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