Etech – Dick Hardt


He does the same kind of presentation we all know from the now famous presentation with some neat additions but less passion. Lesson for not just him: Don’t make examples of slides which can not be read on the end of the hall please. Is that really so complicated?

Additionally it is not good to look at the guy at the moment, but it is much better, just to look at his presentation on the screen. Interesting. :) But now I def. start to need coffee!

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2 Responses to “Etech – Dick Hardt”

  1. Jonathan Marks says:

    etech sounds really boring this year….people going through the motions while their passion seems to be elsewhere. ABC – another bloody conference. Glad I gave this one a miss….lesblogs had more passion.

  2. Nicole says:

    Well I can’t comment for last year, but I think the higher gain is the conversation in the hall.