Etech – Jeff Han: Multi sensor input


Jeff Han is just showing off this nice little multi touch sensor device – I can see myself playing around with that for a lot of time.

As he just said: The interface just simply disappears (and perhaps it helps us to develop new interfaces).

He now shows seamless and fluid photo arranging. As you would do in real with real printed photos, besides you have an unlimited amount of spaceto arrange stuff. Imagine Minority in real.

If you have a chance to see this video – do it. I want one of those – as I talked to some people yesterday I really can see myself using this for organizing stuff.

Now he uses it to zoom into a map and arrange it – sweet … isn’t everything zoomable? :) And you want to view something from different angles? Just use your fingers.

Why use a keyboard in real? Just use the keyboard on the screen! Different keyboard layouts? Just a click away. Turntables with real vinyl for the feel of it? No need any more.

I hope I later can find links to the videos – this one really earned its right so say “blow your mind”

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