Etech – Peter Morville about Ambient Findability


A rather calm but still very interesting presentation and it has a lot more to do with what this conference is about. Some notes:

  • do provide multiple paths to the same information
  • not making choices but embrace the genius of the “and”
  • give people tasks to solve
  • people have a problem taking a step back to see the conceptual picture
  • Book recommendation Women Fire and dangerous things
  • the more we can bubble up the words, the better
  • do they care more about the precision or recall
  • improve performance through reducing the clutter
  • second used interface on a page after the homepage: the search result page
  • user experience honeycomb: usable useful desirable findable, accessible credible and in the middle valuable
  • you need at least a foot in the past and one in the future to design new things
  • “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” Herbert Simon
  • when somebody wants to find our product, shouldn’t we enable them even more.
  • book recommendation: David Brin, The Transparent Society
  • he is interested in: how in this world of bigger and bigger haystacks do we create bigger needles?
  • visualization is cool but not really useful and will not solve the problem
  • Google maps is great but in the end we still will use the text
  • how about tracking behavior like how to get from point a to point b, so we could use this collective intelligence
  • who is going to help us? the revenge of the librarian! and it happens. people can shut up on meta data! meta data has become sexy!
  • let’s not throw out the old with the new
  • don’t throw out the tree altogether – take the new and leverage it over the long term, strike a balance
  • look at the flickr clustering – to him that just looks like hierarchy! :)

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