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Ewan Spence (Blog / @ewanspence) describes himself as ‘someone who walks the internet like Caine from Kung-Fu with broadband.’ In real life his versatility in a number of spaces, including mobile technology, social media, podcasting and entrepreneurship allows him to comment from experience on many of the issues that pervade Le Web and the growing digital world. You may also remember him as one half of a memorable light-sabre fight at a previous Le Web. This year, he is speaking on a panel on Mobile Social Networks thanks to both his involvement in stealth start-up Wubud, and leading smartphone news site All About Symbian.

In this podcast, we chat about the changes happening in the mobile world and how social networking is coming to mobiles, the efforts of mobile manufacturers and networking companies to attract customers, with an emphasis on application development. Can the fractured nature of smartphones really replicate the PC development ecosystem?

  • the mobile computing a d PDA world of the 1990s growing into the modern smartphone world.
  • modern social networks and how they have interfaced with personal handsets and the advantages that offers (such as location based profiling).
  • the strengths of mobile, commerce, music, pictures, video, and the availability of a web browser wherever you are.
  • the commoditisation of the handset, and the financial effects this can have on manufacturers and networks.
  • the territorial factors that determine the best handsets for a country.
  • the three areas that affect purchasing decisions; coverage, technology and service cost.
  • why the Apple iPhone is not the game-changing platform that it first appears to be ? Steve Jobs backed away from something truly revolutionary.
  • why the mobile phone is the most personal device in history, and why personalisation is important.
  • the problems of developing for these platforms, and why Apple are winning in this area.
  • and what he expects and looks forward to from Le Web.

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