Facebook to grant TV and news access to demographic data and analytics


The Verge talks about how Facebook grants TV networks and news sites access to better demographic data on postings.

"Specifically, the Public Feed API lets you see a real-time firehose of public posts mentioning a specific word. The Keyword Insights API, on the other hand, aggregates all the public posts mentioning a specific word and spits out anonymous stats about the age, location, and gender of the users posting updates. The tools are designed to help news networks capitalize on responses to current events, but also to understand audience metrics and engagement for their own primetime programming."
Facebook grants TV networks and news sites backdoor access to its audience data

Given how much effort Twitter has put into TV with its media relation program, Facebook might be late to the game but will at least give Twitter a run for the ad dollars. Up until now, TV shows always where talking about hashtags, tweets or “seen on twitter” but rarely about “I put it on facebook”. Maybe because tweeting is a word and facebooking is not?

We should not forget the third in the bunch, Google Plus. The updates may not be there, making some people believe it is a failure, but these people forget that Google runs Youtube, Android and Google Analytics. This does not only mean they have much better data all round, but also way more experience than both Twitter and Facebook in data mining such results. In any case, this will be interesting to watch.

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