Finally men have a reason to send out flowers


One of my latest obsessions is checking out forums, who are a tremendous wealth of information – and a massive time waster. ;) Just to give you an impression – I am actually thinking about signing up for two more credit cards because they are going to be better to my miles on two different programs. ;))

I am trying between getting the best out of everything as well as keeping my privacy – which is a struggle if you are dealing with American companies! But back to the fun. One of the post I just read made me laugh so hard, that I would like to share it with you. The poster of one thread asked how to keep his children’s milage accounts active as they are about to get zeroed. And the favorite answer?

If you’re male and have multiple children, there’s probably at least one woman in your life. Sending flowers once per kid per three years would not be overdoing it.

If you’re female and their father doesn’t send you flowers, send them to yourself. (Maybe he’ll take the hint.) If you’re female and he does, ask him to do it this way once in a while.

Afair there is a promo for sending out flowers and getting miles for that too ;))

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One Response to “Finally men have a reason to send out flowers”

  1. Andrew Spark says:

    I simply point to the name of my blog and ask how likely is it really that I would be blogging anonymously.