Finally, they are discovering Europe!


Through the whole bruhaha of Techchrunch UK Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher now have reappeared under Vecosys (what a web 0.5 name btw).

And the one thing which gets me excited? It seems as if Sam actually has been listening:

After a hectic few days, Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher are back up and running, covering Web 2.0, mobile and new technology firms in Europe.

(emphasize mine)

Yes. Europe. Not just France, not just UK. Europe – and therefore recognizing that there is more to this place than just the UK. (I usually joke that American companies believe that opening up an office in London equals ‘covering the European market’ – aehm no.)

As I had written before in “Disappointed by Techcrunch UK – why not Techcrunch Europe?!“:

Am I going to read the Techcrunch UK? Probably not. Single nation minded websites (and to be found with UK websites in particular) tend to focus all their energy to local behaviour, habbits, usages. This I cannot relate to. I am European in this regard, not british or french.

This feed will be in my feedreader at once (I have till today not read TCUK regulary because of the focus) and I will send everyone I know who works in this space towards this site.

Not at all because it is a Techchrunch thing, or a American versus Europe thing but because I expect from this site to cover Europe as a whole. They still will have to live up to the set up expectation and it may well be that the most articles will come from the UK – but at least they are open for it.

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3 Responses to “Finally, they are discovering Europe!”

  1. Mike Butcher says:

    Well, we’ll try…

  2. Nicole says:

    Mike, it is already a xmas gift that you say you try. Now, if you do not get up with the speed for next year, well, then it is a different story. ;)

  3. alex says:

    You are so right. I work quite a lot in Luxembourg for example, where aside from Skype, one can find some pretty interesting initiatives like Jamendo (“open” / free music) or BuzzParadise (buzz marketing) or SecureWave (security) or GentleSecurity (security)… I mean, there is quite a lot to cover in this huge and very fragmented market called Europe. So I’ll be following Vecosys closely as well.