Flemming Funch – Reboot 10 interview


Flemming Funch is Danish, lived for 18 years in California and now runs a software company in France. He likes to talk about philosophical / technical issues and looks like a Musketeer. A strange, but interesting combination. ;)

Visit his profile on the reboot page or visit his blog subscribe to his twitter user: @ffunch.

Shownotes (did I miss something? add in the comments!)

  • he suggested two talks for reboot, “Complexity and Freedom” and “Free as in Choice“.
  • how can people figure things out by themselves
  • 3 completely different worlds both alike and different
  • shares a bit how different the french operate
  • societies where context is needed or where a low-context approach works
  • complexity versus freedom
  • why nature is not going for balance, but heads more for the critical catastrophical state
  • why you feel more free if you are surfing along a critical state than if you would be in balance
  • sand versus the ready to go space ships and dominos

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