Flickr Hickups


I am trying to upload and then edit the rest of my PME photos (you remember, the PC people have no easy possibility as iphoto which developers of flickr should know about but obviously do not care …)

and encounter strange error messages today …

First it told me my name is Crys:

You’re currently logged in as Neezee, but it looks like you’ve got more than one Flickr account.

You logged in to the Uploadr as Crys, so you’ll need to re-login to the Flickr website under that account to process your photos.

and now it refuses to send pictures:

The batch was cancelled, but not before 214 of 215 photos were affected.

API ERROR: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?> <rsp stat=”fail”> <err code=”1″ msg=”Photo not found” /> </rsp>

One would think that the software would be clever enough to deal with it …

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