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Fred Wilson is an early stage venture capitalist and co-founder of Union Square Ventures, twitters under @fredwilson and blogs on about web technologies, finance and venture capital.

We talk about

  • why he is interested in the ways the web changes the business world and how internet companies can – while America is facing the downturn – grow and actually take market shares from existing businesses
  • why he has, despite of the down turn, an optimistic outlook for web-based companies and will invest aggressively
  • his fields of investment and the restructuring of the media industries
  • characteristics of the kind of businesses he is interested in
  • why the area of finance is in great need of being reinvented
  • I think the time has come to change the way that consumer finance business works and make it work better for the consumer and be more transparent for the consumer
  • why consumers should start to manage their finances on their own and how the web could help here
  • why he started to invest in European companies and why it is difficult to finance projects based in Asia
  • in which areas of (web) technology Europe is ahead of the States and more innovative
  • why European entrepreneurs should rather take a global approach when doing business and some advantages of European entrepreneurs over their American counterparts

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