Friends help Friends: Get more than 100 25 fans for your Facebook Fan page


Summary: Helping friends get over 100 25 fans in order to claim their FB Fan page. Add your Fan page to the list and add yourself to some of the others. Please use the tag #FHF100 for twitter and co.

Note: For a vanity URL, you now only need 25 fans. Please note that all entries into the database with more than 25 fans will be removed.

Starting today, you can have a vanity Facebook URL for your Facebook Fan page. At least that was the idea when I went to bed yesterday – only to find out this morning, that you actually need 100 25 fans to do that.

Many pages have enough fans, but others don’t. Instead of trying to ‘suggest’ them to your friends I thought it might be easier to start a small “help a friend” project. Goal: Get over 100 25 fans to be able to claim your username.

How to add your own pages

Adding yourself is simple. Use this form and enter your information. After some minutes, this list will automatically display your entry. Be fair and not only add yourself but follow others as well. ;)

As noted on the form, the listing here will be at my discretion, anything looking suspicious or too spammy will be removed by me.

How to help others

Go take a look at the facebook fan pages listed at the bottom of this entry and choose the ones you find good and add yourself as a fan. Once the goal of 100 25 is reached, the owner should be able to claim the username and you can remove yourself again.

In search of enough fans …

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