From Gnomedex to blogher?


I really would like to attend Gnomedex which is on June 29th – July 1st and blogher which is July 28 and Saturday July 29. Assuming, that I am not the only woman who looks at both conferences and given the fact that Ponzi stated she wanted to do more so more women attend Gnomedex, I am a bit disappointed by the dates. It would help a lot on travel budget if those conferences would have been closer together. :( (yes, I understand how complicated those things are to arrange!)

I already have booked the Hyatt for the blogher and plan on going there, now I am looking for ideas to go on both. :) Yes, Gnomedex is probably a geekfest like reboot, but then again, it is a different crowd than here in Europe. While the last Gnomedex which I ‘attended’ from home did not really hit a nerve with me, I have a feeling, this time it might do. Why?

I like Robert’s approach “I told him [Chris] that he should take Gnomedex to a higher resolution.” I like that, because I think the goal for 2006 has to be to take it a step further. Mainstream takes it with getting into blogging / podcasting / flickering and such, and the people using those tools for a long time need to go a step further as well. We need to challenge us. We need new ideas, new goals where to advance to and how we, at the same time, can make this world a better place.

So, Gnomedex and blogher seem to be exactly good places to start with this, but how am i supposed to spend a month in the US without getting broke? :))) I can either do two trips to the US by flight – which would be less expensive but more time consuming and I hate flying – or stay the month in Seattle / San Francisco and try to do some business in the meantime. Well, I am in the “gather information mode” anyway, why not try and gather information on “what kind of visa do I need to attend conferences and maybe conduct businees?” :))

(In case you are wondering, why I am writing the obvious – let’s just say that giving information like “i am from Germany but I do travel to this place in this time” has already led to an interesting invitation for my coming trip. :))) Now I have to write some emails in the kind of “will do stuff for place to crash” *lol*)

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