Fun with your tablet


James Kendrick and I where chatting about lil’ tablets out in the wild:

If you want to really impress people turn the slate upside down, shake vigorously, and then turn it back over.

Tell them it clears the screen (like an Etch a sketch)

Yes, I know my Lenovo has some hard disk protection, but NO WAY! :)))))

Talking to another friend brought me the idea to have a little GPS-USB-Tracker – with that big of a hard disk I can probably get the whole continent onto it and have a great navigation system at hand. Which is a really good idea, because I get lost on even simple routes ….

And I can surf and discover some Wifi’s and in my surrounding on the way. :)

*sigh* that is going to be a very expensive month. The bright side? I will learn everything I never wanted to know about Wlan, Windows system security, network sniffers and how to enter free wifi’s. :)

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3 Responses to “Fun with your tablet”

  1. Martin says:

    why blocking a usb port when you can use a bluetooth gps (the new sirf 3 ones are usually quiet tiny) ;)

    i totally agree to the buying addons for the x41 tablet gets expensive thing.

  2. Nicole says:

    Because it does not take so much energy as a USB port. :)

  3. martin says:

    good point (for nature) ;)
    normally they hold quite long (for the usuall wardriving). i am more comfortable having no cable: thats why i would prefer the bluetooth one. but as always all versions have pros and cons so if you made a decision let us know about your discoveries ;)