Funding a European EFF?


I think, Cory meant EFF and not RFF in ” Would you give a fiver a month for a UK tech/civil liberties org?“, and no, I would not. Because I am not that interested in the UK. :o)

I think, most UK people are not very fond of thinking as themselves being European, which is why they focus on their country. But an organisation like EFF needs to focus their attention on usable structures – also for fund raising.

But I would find it quite disappointing, if they would go for a single-country only attempt of implementing EFF funding. The only part where I would support something per country is tax deduction. There is a difference if I give 100 Euros and get 30 Euros back or if I just give 70 Euros.

But I could be supporting the EFF right now? Yes and No. Even though I know they are also looking into European issues, they are still very focused on the US. Which is important, but will not drive many Europeans to really support it by heart. Meaning cash.

Would I support a European EFF? Hell, yes. [Even though I know this would mainly be sponsoring Cory’s trips around the world, but he is a passionate speaker, that’s okay. ;)] I have $25 sitting in my paypal account which I have received as an acknowledgement for my podcast and promised to pass on to someone else I believe in supporting. I am reluctant to sponsor just the EFF. But I would do in an instant for a European one.

[If you like the idea too, you might add your opinion with a European EFF tag. :)
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