Funny: Gave up my apparment to live in hotels


There is an amusing thread over at Flyertalk about Gave up my apartment to live in Hotel’s. Given my current travel patterns I still could not justify this. ;) But this entry really cracked me up:

I did this for several years in Germany. I always had a problem with the residency registration. In Germany you have to have a Meldeadresse (official address) registered with the government. It was always extremely difficult to convince them that my residency was in a hotel.

Beyond that one of the funniest experiences in my life was the day I moved out. The other guests looked at me very strangely as I carried out a tv, mini-fridge, about 150 DVD’s, two lamps, a rolled-up carpet, etc.

Perhaps even funnier was when someone from the hotel wanted to check that I was taking out only things that didn’t belong to the hotel. The manager came over and said, loosely translated, “mr. cbellero has spent enough at this hotel that he can take anything from the room that he wants”.


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