Geekdinner and Barcamp London


Update: I have created this page for us to add our possible presentations and wishes.

Well, at least that is working as planned, the geek dinner is happening – now wish me luck I can take my Laptop on Board. Hm. I should consider getting a drive to the airport by a friend just in case to give him my laptop if … but I digress.

The plan:
Flying to London on Friday morning (urgs), Geekdinner in the evening before, then Barcamp and back on monday evening. And the idiot I am: I should have flown back on tuesday to have monday to go watch Avenue Q! :(

Looking forward to the weekend, seeing some familiar faces and a lot of new ones! And in case why the hell I am going to Barcamp London instead of Barcamp Berlin well … I will be in the States for the Portable Media Expo at that exact time. :( :(

Geekdinner Friday Evening Sep 1st (places available)
Barcamp Sep 2-3 (sorry, forget it, no place)

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5 Responses to “Geekdinner and Barcamp London”

  1. Thom Shannon says:

    Hi Nicole

    Just picking through the urls of others going to barcamp, actually trying to get some ideas for what to present on! Anyway, see you there :)

  2. Nicole says:

    *g* I just suggested to Ben we should have one of the wiki pages with a list of stuff we want to do. I am either going to have a discussion about Europe / England or something with Second Life or something with Podcasting. I have not decided yet. ;)

  3. Hey Nicole,

    Following in Thom’s footsteps and looking at others going to barcamp this weekend.

    I think that I am going to do my presentation on a layman’s overview of Ruby on Rails.

    Hope your flight over goes well and hope to see you on Saturday

  4. Nicole says:

    I have created this page for us to add our thoughts

  5. Good to see you again Nicole. Honestly it was great talking to you and I’ll certainly let you know about anything I plan in the future.