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As I am trying to get everything together for my upcoming trip I visited the nearest ‘big’ town (Hamburg) in order to have a better variety of shops to buy my stuff. Like a suitcase, a bag which I can wear on my body for safe keeping, TSA lock, special socks, probably a digicam and a recorder and and and. The list is quite long.

So it was very disappointing to me that I found nearly nothing. I should have tried Berlin instead. :( One of the things I really wanted was like a special messanger bag with a way to use it as laptop case. Or I would like some product advice on if I should buy a soft trolley, a hard case or one of these new polysomething suitcases.

Well. I should have stayed in Lübeck, because the selections I was presented there would have been easily bought here as well. *grrrr*

So my list is still very long but there was something geeky I found about my shopping behaviour and I was laughing about myself:
When considering a suitcase you can easily divide them into two: I don’t want a real hard case, but it should endure the upcoming flights. So either a soft trolley or this polysomething, which is like a hard case but not really.

I noticed, that I was tending towards the polycarbonate and especially this one. It took me a while but then I figured why I preferred this one over let’s say the soft materials.

Because stickers would stay on them easily other than the soft materials. And especially the Technorati and Feedburner sticker would look good on that dark silver one.

I think I should consult a therapist for this. ;))


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  1. Joost Plattel says:

    Nicole you are perfectly OK, don’t worry :))