German Barcamp / Podcamp


After missing the first Barcamp in Germany in Berlin (I was at the Portable Media Expo that time), there are two more to come in a short time and plans about a Podcamp in Januar as well – on my birthday. ;))

barcamp Cologne

Barcamp Cologne (upcoming) will happen 24-26th of November, Barcamp Nuremberg on 16-17th of December (upcoming), Podcamp Berlin is probably happening at Jan 13/14th (upcoming). And as you can guess, chances are it will be held mostly in German. And there is another one I am dying to blog about but cannot until it has been officially announced. :) :) :)

You see, Germany finally has some more things happening in the space I am interested in so I do not need to travel so much all the time. If your organization or company deals in Germany and have people there, you should consider getting them to those camps. :))

I myself will be going to Podcamp and Barcamp Cologne – perhaps also going to Nuremberg. Somebody tell me where I do get some Werewolf cards? :)

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