German Media House wants to start tabloid in SL


Eric rants about an article in the Guardian where they claim Axel Springer will start the first tabloid in SL. Which of course is not true as Eric states.

It does make more sense in German – as this is going to be the first German thing in SL afaik. (make that in English – which makes a lot more sense). And just for the record: If I hear anybody using “look at me! look at me! I am first! I am first!” again I think I am going to loose it.

The *real* news in this is not that it is the first tabloid but the background behind it. Bild is comparable I think to the british Sun and I do not know what the US equivilent is to it – a HUGE media house in Europe. Them getting into SL and using their basic knowledge of everyday work to build a professional tabloid – not in content probably but in production.

Don’t get me wrong – the Second Life Herald surely is nice but we are talking different leagues here and different interest groups.

Let me put the German hat on again for a minute, because that is the real thing: Second Life is getting hyped in Germany quite a lot. Dozens of articles, reportage in the news – much more than blogging and even more than podcasting.

As I was considering blogging more about Second Life, the first reaction of mine actually was to do that completely in German. :)

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4 Responses to “German Media House wants to start tabloid in SL”

  1. No one is disupting that it is important that Axel Springer is starting a tabloid in Second Life. We are just asking that they not lie about being first. Tell the truth. Is that so much to ask? If being first isn’t the big news then don’t distract from the big news by including an obvious and insulting falsehood.

  2. Nicole says:

    Urizenus, if they want to prove they are first, they will be able to do so – they will find a funny way of proving it. And I am sorry, but as you are not playing in the same league as they do they will not really care about what you think or feel.

    I am sure they will not even consider them lying as they do not take you (or anybody else in the space) serious as being first. You can jump up and down and insist on being first – but you are just cute when you do so.

    Real life – and this extends to Second life – is about marketing and telling somebody of being first is always good for news. You can flood every single news outlet with your side of the story – but only the opponents will care. Then again, you are not important enough for them to take you as “look! he was first!”.

    I know, this is not a nice situation to be in, which is why I would say ignore it, build your side as you like it to be and you will have your audience.

    You will not gain one new reader by insisting that you where first. ;(

  3. Nicole there is more to life than getting more readers, and that isn’t really my concern at all. What is my concern is that people not rewrite history.

    It’s true that I am not in their league, but then by parity of reasoning they are not in mine. I’m not impressed by them. You seem to think we should bend over and take it from the powerful. Maybe if fewer people felt that way and more people stood up to them this would be a nicer world to live in.

    Just food for thought.

  4. Nicole says:

    Urizenus, you are obviously new to my blog – which is okay, as you are reseraching links to the topic – but let me asure you that I am not about bending to power just for the sake of it, quite the oposite. ;)

    It was more done remind you that there are different ways to fight such thing here, but going around and saying so on articles which are on your side is not really making a big impact.

    You have a good chance that they will screw up – the biggest german blog (big as in most readers) is called and it does nothing else as fact check every day what Bild has written about.

    Instead of going around and being grumpy about “but I was first!!!” you should take a look into your profession (I undertand you are a prof for philosophy) and deal with them in a way that will hurt them. :)

    Encourage your readers to report issues with them per mail so you can keep a track of the failures, and expand that on screw ups of other big media / companies.I would make a category for this of its own so interested journalist can look just into this stuff (as they probably are not interested in the rest).

    [And be asured that when they say tabloid and gossip, they do not mean your style. You are much to intelligent in writing and non offensive – you dont want to be compared with that. Expect trash and you should get a picture.]