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James and Marc made a great sunday afternoon for me with having me on their TabletPC show – it is always great to have experts at hand and it lead to several good links from them! :)

I still have to set up my Fritzbox Wlan Fon for the internet connection of my tablet, which means the tablet still needs ‘software installation by usb stick’. :)

After chatting with them I tried to check out the Speek recognition – despite the unusable mic one could use a headset, but I just had to find, that the speach tab in the system properties and the speech entry like described on the first screenshot in Jeff’s article is – greyed out? What the? *sigh*

So, if you have any suggestions on webpages and software for me after that show, please do :)

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2 Responses to “Get advice directly from the gurus”

  1. Martin Schmidt says:


    i also got a x41 tablet since last week.

    with no usb cdrom or dock as you. i use a usb stick (fits on the left side ;) ) and wlan and i dont have any problems with getting my data to the tablet. i even installed unix (freebsd) only using lan.

    if you setup your thinkpad for wlan use ibm access connections its such a nice tool. it even sets your standard printer according in which network you are.

    talking of tools – ibm software updater seems not to be installed:
    easy to keep drives and everything uptodate with this tool. (like windows update but for the ibm toys)

    i had no problems with the lights since i already own a thinkpad.
    besides the x41t has 2 powerbuttons to switch it on :)

    btw is a good overall ressource for thinkpad tips/problems/data.

    i remember i heard you podcasting you want to play WoW and thought the x41t has a good graphics (comparing to your desktop). it might be not so bad but its still inbuild in the chipset (intel 915) and as far as i know takes its videoram from the main memory. the actual german c’t 17/05 has a subnotebook test. the similar x41 scores 3DMark2003 778 while a asus w3400v with a x600 ati scores 3023. so 2000-3000 is a score you can expect to have with a real graphics cards. but i think WoW is not so high demanding (comic graphics ;) ). when you know how good your toy handles the task let me/us know.
    anyways i dont mind the graphic-card of the x41t. portable game-machine is not so high on my priority list.

    considering the pen: i never had a tablet so i think i get used to erase by using the buttons on the side of the pen. i also read somewhere that you can just use pens that have the eraser on the other side but they probably not fit in the x41t pen-slot ;(

    rescue cd:
    you have a rescue partition ;) cd not needed unless you delete that partition.
    press the blue button right at boot (then you can reinstall xp from hdd). if you still want a cd (even if you have no cd drive) you can order (as i know) one free from ibm. (number is (usuall ibm hotline , i hope) 0180 / 5253558 )

    the only thing i didnt expected was that there is no thinklight ;) (or i didnt find it til now)

    the lag of the tablet packs from ms for the german version is something i too was/am mad at.

    nice blog(s). keep on sharing your x41t experiences.

    happy x41t user – martin

  2. Nicole, I am checking into the speech problem. Thanks for coming on the show. :)