Getting laid through Podcasting?


In our latest edition of the Media Slaves podcast we do talk about the one and only question: Will podcasting or videocasting get you laid?

Well, something like that. We wanted to talk about the upcoming Vloggercon, but organizer Schlomo Rabinowitz was a bit distracted by a special invitation. ;)

Maybe we should add a “ask the Media Slaves” section, but for the moment go over and listen to Schlomo and Vloggercon 2006!

Media Slaves – life in permanent beta‘ is a podcast for new media creatives in blogging, podcasting, video and mobile; those wanting to launch with their own personal media empires; and companies wishing to understand the mediums, tools and techniques along with the mine fields of participating in social media.

It is done by Debi Jones, Marianne Richmond, Zadi Diaz and myself.

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