Gnomedex visitors get gift bags.


The other conference besides reboot I would have loved to attend is Gnomedex – but just to hop over the pond is a bit expensive.

Even though I believe it will be as much of a killer conference as reboot was. And now I know, it would have been even more worth it!

Chris posted that Gnomedex participants can feel like Hollywood celebs – they get a little bag with goodies! ;)

Gnomedex Participant Buzz Bruggeman has been helping us assemble a sweet list of software giveaways for all Gnomedexers. So far, only Windows software companies have responded to his requests, and the street value for these titles is around $130!

All registered attendees will get a copy of the following licensed software: ActiveWords, Onfolio, anagram, and ClearContext. The list may very well grow from this point on, so sit tight with knowing that your support for Gnomedex has already put you ahead!

Cool idea.

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