Go buy more German cars or why the Net is more than just bits and bites


Robert has bought Maryam a new car, a BMW. The ‘reason’ behind that is far more serious than just a geek buying his wife a care for keeping up with his bloggings and I encourage you to go read the last two weeks of Robert’s postings and also the other side, Maryam’s and especially this one.

I have thought for some days now if I wanted to blog about this incident in German or English because linking to it and showing it off as an example seems rude – but at the same time it is one of the best examples of why the net is not just bits and bites but people with emotions behind dealing with one another.

I was on a conference the other week and it was the day after, I was breakfasting in the hotel, writing happy blog articles when I read Maryam’s posting about her mother in law. It brought tears to my eyes, and even though I had noticed Robert’s posting about his mom being to the hospital, I had not catched up to the latest news. In reading his postings and a lot of the comments was so much passion and empathy of the vistitors that it is heartbreaking to read.

If you ever wanted to know why this time it is not again a dotcom bubble, such postings and comments are part of the ‘proof’ that we are experiencing something new. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be in such pain and get comforted by people all over the world. To many people this probably sounds like a very bad idea and they probably think Robert should be send to a doctor for doing so.

But this is also an example of how the Net is in our DNA today. We do live online, we have boundaries, we share feelings, we are open, we are closed … everything. And it is different than anything we encountered before.

The reason for this posting is a sad one. But the look into the future is an interesting one.

Oh and btw: Male BMW drivers are considered to be agressive and ‘need’ that kind of car. Women on the other hand are just sexy and cool with such a car. ;o)


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  1. marianne says:

    Great post that captures the feelings that makes it so different.