Go Portugal!


When I got my original dates for my stay at the we all speak football project, I thought “well, half finals, okay”. Little did I know that Germany would be in the finals and so I got more and more excited as the date came closer. Now, I am since last night in the flat in Berlin, everything is set up to be perfect party for the next days and what is?

Germany loses. Instead of running around the streets being happy the whole flat is kind of silent, saddened. Lyssa announced no more italian food, and I will actually have the next few days which I will be staying here for myself as in visit friends as well as continue with the talks to the people in the flat.

And of course watch tonight football again. And yes, I am for the portugese winning the world cup. :)

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One Response to “Go Portugal!”

  1. Sebastian says:

    No way. Allez le bleu