Go watch Studi 60


Readers will know that I am a huge fan of West Wing – deeply a fan for the first seasons and an okay fan for the last ones. You know, for the Aaron Sorkin ones. Those are the ones I will rewatch for like the 4th time on DVD. And yes, i will be probably buying the seven season set, I already own the first three.

Now, his new show is coming out called Studio 60 and the first show is leaked on different sites including Youtube. I just finished watching it and am so looking forward to new episodes.

Now, when will those producers FINALLY start realizing that while networks are nice, there is a different audience on the net which wants to see good shows like this but does not live in the signal range aka the US? Give me a working model to watch the episodes on demand, on my bidding for a decent price. (Hint: 1.99 is not a working price.)

How many more days till episode 2?

(Go watch it while it is still there, to explore more after you watched the first 10 min)

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