Good “press release” by Versign on their purchase of


Michael Graves has posted a very good explanation on the Infrablog of Verisign not only that they bought in standard press release speek, but also lists what they want to do with the service. Basicly he says: Basic services will stay free, they want to stay open, solid and informative.

It is intersting to read that article, because it also shows you, how important such a single service can be (single service as in blog ping, not the website alone), and there should be money to make of it for premium services.

I was surprised to see that they receive 2 millions pings per day – at the moment. If you substract the probably spam pings at about 50%, you still have a million articles a day – make that pessimistically 20% good articles and 5% brillant – still leaves you with a huge number per day of good new information.

[via Nico]
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