Good Webconference software commercial


I am currently looking into a reliable and useful solution for a webconference / remote desktop software and while going through some search engine results, I came across this ironic but working commercial.

The Webinar Blog writes:

I just saw this short video from iLinc. It’s selling the concept of web conferencing as well as promoting themselves (natch). Nicely shot, not too sledgehammer in the approach, and warmly humorous. Top marks!

The rather Hollywood-looking sharp-dressed model in the video is none other than iLinc’s President and CEO, James Powers, Jr. It’s nice when the head of your company is so photogenic!

Bonus link: Webinarwire a “multi-author blog for the web event services market and we encourage marketers, tech service providers, and web event producers and promoters to contribute their news, opinions and insights.”


3 Responses to “Good Webconference software commercial”

  1. Kathy Sacks, iLinc says:

    Nicole–thanks for checking out the iLinc video. It took some coaxing to convince James that he was ‘our guy’ for this. Glad you saw what we saw–a natural! iLinc just joined the blogosphere recently with where execs talk about the web conferencing industry, offer up tips to conduct better online meetings, talk about iLinc product news, as well as keeping people informed of what’s happening at iLinc in general.

  2. Nice video! I stumbeled upon Yugma which seems to be another interesting video conferencing and screen sharing service. It also works with Skype. I registered, but didn’t have the chance of trying it out yet. So, I’d be interested in your findings.

  3. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the link Jochen, maybe we can try it out between ourselfs? ;)