Google Reader finally found the search box …


I have been using Bloglines for ages now and though Google Reader does have some offerings, I am still generally content with Bloglines.

But for blognation I need a second reader to separate all those readings of mine unrelated to ‘work’ from that and even subscribe to things i never want to see in my personal account. ;) Additionally the features in Google Reader for sharing are much more helpful to this kind of work.

What struck me the most though is that though Google basically IS a search engine company and feed reading is the nearest you can get for a need for decent search the reader was exactly lacking this – a search box. Of all the features available, this would have been my first thing to implement after subscribing!

But now, as they call it “we found it“:

Search lets you use keywords to find items in your subscriptions (if you’re looking to search all blogs, give Blog Search a try). If you subscribe to someone’s shared items, it’ll search those too. This handy feature is brought to you especially by Ben and Chris’s tireless engineering work and Jenna’s relentless iteration on user interface concepts.

I do not know Ben, Chris and Jenna, but thank you.

Now, for search 2.0 guys? Feed reading for most of us power users (and they are the ones in need for the search) would like to use it for easier managing feeds – so do not give me just the results but let me work with the results in the next version, thanks. ;)


  • only search in unread / read
  • mark selected read / unread
  • make search agents on special tags / searches
  • combine them with labels
  • limit age range

Basically, everything i can do with gmail. (At least the minus operator is working right away)

For the moment I am happy as can be with this, but in the longer run … you know that thing about giving an appetizer?


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