Guy Dickinson – Reboot 10 interview


[Preliminary shownotes as I am on the road today but wanted to put this quickly online as the file did not need much editing. ;) Proper context will follow this evening.]

This is the interview with Guy Dickinson, who will not only do again the awesome Micropresentationformat, but will also foster conversations about the cool topics of “urban gardening, why not grow your own food” and “future of books”.


Download MP3 (26 min, MB)

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[Link for the podcast feed – if you subscribe in itunes, be careful to adapt the settings or you only will get one episode per day!]


One Response to “Guy Dickinson – Reboot 10 interview”

  1. Martin Dean says:

    Great conversation! Sounds like the chats that I have every time I meet with Guy!

    On the ‘Free Ideas’ front – I completely agree that free exchange of ideas is essential. Why not incorporate the genesis of the idea so that it is permanently ‘tagged’ by the person who came up with it? Just a way of having some recognition I guess…..

    For example, it is said that water is the new oil – where do we get a lot of water from? The sky. It rains just as much on the sea as it does on the land….. Idea – use huge vessels to capture rain water at sea and store/pipe this to the places where it is needed….

    I have no way of executing this ides – or indeed thinking through the engineering implications…. I do think it is a novel idea and worthy of debate. If it were ever made, then it would be nice to have a tag saying ‘Based on an idea by Martin Dean’.

    Ideas are fragile – that was something my boss at Saatchi & Saatchi said to me. I think that is very true. They need nurturing….. in fact Idea Gardens! That would be a good concept!!!