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You know that I am not happy with linking to women just for the sake of a link, but building a guide to blogs by women based on the fact they wrote something great is a good idea. Lisa Stone writes on the blogher-blog:

BlogHer seeks contributing editors to write BlogHer’s surfing guide to blogs by women. When we relaunch our site later this month, we’re organizing our blogroll into 20+ popular topics. The contributing editors will blog short, fantastic, pithy guides to their favorite posts from 5-10 blogs listed in BlogHer’s blogroll for that topic. We ask editors to commit to posting two to three times a week, Monday through Sunday, to help tell the world about the latest breaking news, commentary and buzz by women who write about this subject.

There is a lot of different topics available, so if you are a women and interested in spreading the news – go apply!

Thanks to Toby for the tip.

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