How to correctly tag your suitcase!


Yeah, they let me into the country. Everything went okay except my “aggricultural incident” – i wanted to make hazard and still had apples and bananas in my pocket! :))

They say, you should mark your suitcase with stickers, so you recognize it more easily. Well, if it arrives. In my case, I just “scored” a nice British Airways beauty bag and a 75$ cheque, because they misplaced my luggage. In my case, that is not so horrible bad as I am travelling today from the hotel to Palo Alto to my hotel until Friday.

If it works out correctly, I will have my personal transportation service for that. ;)

I did choose the suitcase because of the color and that I can put sticker on them … geeky, I know.
Things for my suitcase

My new suitcase, corractly
Spieltrieb is like “playful”. :)

btw, is there a greasemonkey script which will take the current flickr page I am viewing and make me the snippet for entering that in my blog? At the moment I always have to go to “all sizes, small one” and copy the code by hand. Sounds like something a computer should do for me …

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