How to group contacts in the new Skype beta


One reason to install the new Skype beta? Finally, a “mood message” aka blast aka motd aka “now I don’t need to edit my profile name all the time”.

Another? Finally grouping contacts. I have collected a lot of contacts I don’t want to throw out, but I would not like to see all the time, because I don’t talk to them except for the interview. ;)) And before you search your ass of in contacts and tools to get this new feature running: you have to click on View -> “Show Contact Groups” to enable the grouping feature. (I don’t understand why this is not enabled by default.)

You will want this feature at least for all of the external non-skype numbers you have in your contact list, because suddenly they appear to be ‘online’. My suggestion: Call them “z something” and they will stay at the end of your list.

Now, can I please enable notification per group? :)


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2 Responses to “How to group contacts in the new Skype beta”

  1. Claus says:

    Thanks for posting this – helped me overcome a major annoyance. Even though it is nearly 1 3/4 years after you initially posted this.

  2. Jonas De Kegel says:

    for those of you (like me) who came here to find it; it’s now located under contacts => Contact Categories