How to make a non itunes store specific link?


I know there is a nice webpage out there which had exactly the information on it but I cannot find it – which is why I rely now on my personal search engine aka my readers.

Usually most people just do a link for their specific store, but that does not work for somebody not using that store. There is a way to build a generic link which will not count for your chart success in your store, but will make your link universally subscribable.

Probably a very stupid word combination to search for, very easy – which I will remember the moment somebody answers my question, so please, help me :)


One Response to “How to make a non itunes store specific link?”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I think you heard that on one of the last FIR episodes, somebody sent a comment. Am not sure though, if it was audio or written. You’ll have to do some more searching…