I can’t help but do it


Sometimes it needs another person stating the obvious so we recognize ‘the truth’. In this case it is John January from the American Copywriter podcast on their blog about creativity. He beginns with

So, we’ve been talking lately about the fact that creative people (and this definition stretches beyond any job title) have no choice but to create. It’s not an option. It’s just part of their DNA. Whether they create for money or whether they create for joy, some people are born with an inherent need to burn off creative energy. Some involved in the discussion here are somewhat skeptical of the idea. But I think it’s true.

I agree that creativity is a skill, not a job title. He ends with:

Not everyone was born to live a creative life. But if you were, it’s critical that you give yourself multiple outlets to express it. Trust me, you’ll be a happier and more productive person for it.

Don’t forget to read the inbetween. ;)

Yes, me too – I can’t help but do it. To stop doing what I do means denying large part of the person I am – which will make me unhappy. Veeeery unhappy.

But you can’t have everything in one place. So John’s suggestion to have hobby’s which challenge other aspects of your creative mind seems like a very good plan. And the next time you are wondering why people can’t stop doing what they do – just let them play. :) They can’t help but do it.


One Response to “I can’t help but do it”

  1. Tee Morris says:

    Truer words have never been spoken!

    My wife is insistent that I continue to have a creative outlet, be it my acting, my writing, or editing video. I highlight those three outlets as those are the outlets I tend to focus on, my website and graphic design outlets being sporadic at best. When I do indulge in web and print layout though, I enjoy it thoroughly. I don’t know if this is something hard-wired into me or not, but being creative is as much a necessity to me as breathing. My own podcast started very simply, but now incorporates segue music and special effects. I truly love being creative, and new creative outlets attact me like a moth to a flame, just as does creative ways to promote my novels, whether it is a podcast, a swordfight demo, or a Renaissance Festival.

    Yes, John and Nicole are right. I cannot help but to be creative, and I find myself quite blessed that with the technolgies available in the 21st century, there are so many outlets available.