Ianus Keller – Reboot 10 interview


Ianus Keller is questioning if you still are able to collect images / impressions or if you are too focussed on the computer, the net and social tools.

You might remember Ianus from Reboot 2006 when he presented “a low cost version of the Jeff Han / Surface table”, which is called Cabernet.

He and I talk about collecting visual impressions and getting inspired by it (or not). Misqouting him a bit, but Ianus basically noted that interaction designers like to zone out of the physical space – and not even touch it. For them there is not much more physicality than the laptop and their mobile. Also he shares how his work with Wacom worked in expanding their business from hardware to more.

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Quick and dirty abstract + links
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Some links he shared:
A longer research movie:

movie by a visitor while I was demonstrating Cabinet:

you can also see an early version of the micropresentation I will try to give at reboot:

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