IBM Investor Relation to offer podcast


Very cool. Seems as if I am should not only support IBM by just purchasing a Thinkpad (at least it will be saying IBM on the label), but also should buy stock of them. Because they do clever things.

And in case I ever wanted to know, why I should invest in them, IBM “IR viewpoint” now offers a podcast:

IBM Investor Relations presents a unique audio series entitled “IBM and the Future of…” on key business and technology topics. Download MP3 files or subscribe to the podcast feed to learn more about IBM’s thought leaders’ vision for the future.

And would you like to know, what their first episode is about?

Jim Ruthven and Dr. Roberto Sicconi are two of IBM’s most enthusiastic experts on how I/T is changing cars and how we drive them. In this IBM podcast, they discuss how voice-recognition technologies, telematics, new user interfaces and sensing technologies are coming together to change the way we design, build, drive, maintain and insure our cars.

As it seems inhouse produced, still needs some pop protection, could use some more Id3 tags, and they could offer a better quality for download, but that kvetching aside, an interesting new production!

Now, if anyone still would like to put podcasting into a corner of “just for the geeks”, just tell them “Yes, Podcasting. You know the thing IBM Investor Relation does? Apple just integrated after not even a year as one main feature into Itunes?”Tell them, to get the feed or take a look at their first episode webpage and be quite. :)

[thanks to Gareth Tent for the link]

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