International Barcamp Berlin 3 (Oct 18/19) – registration will open this weekend


BarCamp Berlin 3Happy to announce that the international Barcamp Berlin 3 now really happening. “Why, was that in question” you might ask? Jep, because it is not easy for an event this size to get a venue. Congrats to the guys securing it!

No time for guesses? ;) It is the main representative office of the Telekom, a building with a long history. Between 300-500 people from all over Europe will come together and judging by last years success, it will be bigger even this year.

The complete information from the newsletter about when, where what can be found at the Barcamp Berlin blog. You will need to register for an account on the Barcamp Berlin 3 network and notification will go out with a newsletter.

Like last year, the event is put on this specific date as the Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008 returning to Berlin again which puts a special emphasis on the international visitors. To accomodate these, there will be a special block reserved:

We are also holding back some space for international visitors. If you are an international visitor and if you are on the waiting list, than please contact us at We will try to put you on one of the international guests spaces then.



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