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Welcome to the first post conference podcast. :)

Enjoy Loic Lemeur and his after thoughs. (If you missed him, that was the always smiling tall french guy.

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The information for the show and the shownotes are the following, starting with links / info general:

The shownotes from my conversation with Loic

  • Reboot was about sharing (notetaking, fotos, everybody contributing)
  • being respectful of how much you don’t know
  • on how germany does not get blogs, but ebay and wikipedia, the wonders of the french blogosphere
  • “I don’t have the time to blog” is no excuse
  • Olle Jonsson mailed: I have to show my friends what RSS and blogs is about
  • We never had as many friends and connections throughout Europe and the world since we do blogs
  • Is it a goal of entrepreneurs in Europa to create companies which then becomes american?
  • Do we want to blog more in english or our native languages? Loic has 5 times audience and 5 times the amount of comments in his french postings
  • The first time he learned so much about Europe in one conference, being in Europe feels more like home than any other place
  • The new way: We have differences, but then we talk – on our blogs, in our comments
  • Thomas Harttung: The Biological Way – Mind the Gap
  • Actually, we do care about what is happening around us
  • Entrepreneurs are not really welcome in many european countries, there is no problem in being idealistic at heart and do business because of it.
  • To change the way people think we need to blog in our language and also in english about our countries
  • Especially France and Germany might be afraid of the future and be too comfy with their current situation.
  • What will be the next steps he takes after visiting reboot?
  • Write more about what is happening in the french blogosphere
    Share what we have experienced throughout these days with others
    Don’t keep for himself what he has learned but share it on the local level.
    (‘I hate him now‘)

  • His interesting bet: We will see a european, political party made of young people who share this type of culture, willingness to share and it will mainly be promoted by blogs.

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