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As a conductor Itay Talgam gets many people (who are creative in their own individual aspects) to work coherent together and make music – the similarities to business and technology are striking. Understanding such an ‘outside’ topic like music and conducting orchestras might give you some new insight and ideas.


We talk about:

  • what is a conductor doing in internet conference (because the love for music is everywhere)
  • how a conductor connects with his players and audiences
  • why music brings people together and is so very emotional – music is a shared experience yet is a private thing
  • anything organized in time could be music / music a visual process
  • technology is a way to broaden the way how we experience the world, for example how you can make music from the electronic information coming from a GPS satellite, feel a movement in space to transform into music
  • creativity through collaboration: a conductor is working with 100 people, the music played by somebody else – how without to limit induividual creatvity still harness all energy to get a coherent interpretation
  • why he would like to see some ‘spiritual’ discussion take place

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