It’s a party and I will cry if I want to.


Shit. I left my power cord for my thinkpad in Paris and somehow the mail from Heiko still has not gotten back to me.

I have my “main” desktop computer, but there is something about snuggeling on your couch and typing on your notebook. Yesterday I was thinking about really buying a replacement power adapter, but 60 Euros is a lot to spend for something which should be in the mail any day. Additionally I do want to buy one, but as a travel power adapter set, so I would need less travel plugs. Which is why I left it in the store, because I can do everything with the big one. Not on the couch, but I can.

And guess what? Half an hour after the stores have closed here on Silvester (yes, the ‘late’ ones close on 14:00) I do read that there is a party tonight. A real geek party in Second Life with buddy Eric Rice. Yes it was posted two days ago on Eric’s blog, I am still catching up *grrrr*.

Which is cool, because I had not had other plans for today, as I am not the big party with ball gowns dancing type. (I am a geek, remember?) . The “great” feeling lasted for about 10 seconds, because I can’t come. My computer “has no clothes for it”.

Now, didn’t I just write I can do everything on my big computer? Yes. Everything except SL. Because that damn thing uses so much graphic, that my main computer can’t cope and crashes in there about every 5 minutes. My thinkpad on the other side has a better graphic card which can cope with that.

Great. One ‘party’ I am interested in the whole year and I can’t go because of a stupid power cord issue. :(

*snief* At least I know what I can listen to.
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