Join the Hive, earn some points and win some prices.


No, no new jump’n’run game, but another Microsoft ‘game’ for prices might lead to that impression. First ‘Blog your way to PDC‘, now the Hive with ‘sweet stuff‘:

You’ll receive points when:

  • You post messages and content in The Hive forums
  • Other members reply to your messages
  • Others rate the value of your posts and content
  • You post files in the download section (coming soon)

Given the prices, I should become a community leader *g*. And don’t miss the other bee types.

No, seriously, I find this an interesting development throughout Microsft and how they embrace the way bloggers / comunities talk to each other and how they like to share. Sharing does not necessary mean “with everyone” and such closed circles where to be expected. But I find them useful – if set up in a good way. It seems, as if MS does this on a playful, interesting way. I am curious what they will do next.

For more information, you can readn an interview about The Hive with Josh Levine.

(via Scoble)

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